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Our professional practice


Athletes & coaches.

AeH Sports offers to athletes, coaches and their families, all the services they could need before, during and at the end of their sports career. All these services are customized and exclusive for each person:

  • National & International Law advice.
  • National & International Economy advice.
  • Doctors & Health reports.
  • Labor & Vocational orientation.
  • Public image.
  • Languages Education.
Services for athletes

Sports clubs, associations and managers.

AeH Sports gives the most detailed and complete advice to sport clubs and associations, which involve all Law & Economy specialties, and management:

  • Constitution & management of sports clubs.
  • Personal training.
  • Economic management & audit.
  • Sponsorship & grants.
  • Public relations.
  • Sports associations.
Services for sports entities

Public Administrations & Authorities.

AeH Sports has a team formed by experienced professionals in public sports management, who are specialized in:

  • Sports management in the public sector.
  • Youth sports.
  • Management of sports facilities.
  • Public audit.
Services for Public Administrations
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